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R e s e a r c h  f o r  C r e a t i v e s

Research for Creatives is a consulting service for performing, visual, literary, and other creative artists who are in need of research consulting or assistance with writing artist statements for exhibits and applications.   Research for Creatives is where all my worlds collide!  With my background in academic research and instruction, my participation in and love of myriad art forms, and the enjoyment I get out of helping you (fellow creative being), I am uniquely qualified to help you find the information you need or to eloquently express your creative ideas.

My services are tailored to each unique client and project. I will read your script/scene/breakdown, and help you determine if there is anything--time period or geographic location, social movement, style of clothing, physical or behavioral health condition, or any number of things would help an actor make strong and specific choices, or a writer/producer/director to maintain realism and accuracy.

I also have experience in helping visual artists, designers, etc. write well crafted artist statements and compelling grant applications. My process there is to meet with you (in person is best but I can work remotely too as long as I can see/hear the art), discuss the meaning and/or vision of the work, and help you articulate yourself while maintaining your personal voice.

T e s t i m o n i a l s

Shannon's meticulous research and attention to scientific fact and historical detail allows me to create the most complete and believable work possible. Her input is an invaluable tool for me, or for any professional writer.

Charles Messina​

Playwright, "Mercury: The Afterlife & Times of a Rock God"



I asked Shannon to do research for a play that I am currently working on. She was thorough, detailed, reliable, and prompt in providing me with the information that I requested. Shannon is also personable, sensitive, warm and very charming, all of which make her a joy to work with. If you are looking for someone who is highly competent and intelligent to do research for you, Shannon is the person to call.

Alan Gordon

Playwright, Actor, and Acting Teacher



As a visual artist, I've always been better at expressing myself through my artwork than through words. When I was in graduate school, Shannon helped me review and edit my thesis, and articulate what it was that I was trying to say about my images. She helped me reword some of the most important statements about the artwork. As we worked together, she studied my art and asked me a lot of questions so she understood my point of view. Because she’s a creative person, and also a researcher, writer, and educator, she was able to make new connections between art, ideas, and language, but I never felt like she hijacked my project—it was mine from start to finish. When my thesis was bound and published, I felt confident presenting it because of her finesse. Since graduate school I've hired her to collaborate with me on all my artist statements, and project and grant proposals. I can't recommend her highly enough.

Joan Pamboukes

Photographer and Visual Artist




I often struggle determining the scope of my research. My purposes are primarily in furtherance of my fiction, and I worry about casting too short a net—thereby overlooking descriptive and social nuances—or paralyzing myself with an overabundance of firsthand accounts and academic papers. Shannon understood my concerns, and identified those resources that would best assist me. Her background as both an artist and academic was helpful not only in opening new avenues of investigation, but also in allowing me to better articulate what I hoped to come away with. I would recommend her services to anyone seeking a more thorough approach to his or her subject matter.

Douglas Silver




Need help with a project?

My rates are reasonable and I charge by the quarter-hour.  Please email me at to set up a FREE introductory consultation.

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